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What Are the Superior Features of Roller and Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are made up of separate sections, instead of just one single panel, which allow for smooth and easy operations especially when you’re using an electric door opener. Since all the sections are hinged, these doors can slide through a steady curve before they finally settle in a horizontal position that’s parallel to the floor. Because of their mechanism, these doors are able to solve a lot of problems posed by other types of garage doors.

Modern garage doors are also ideal for most doorway shapes, including arches. For instance, the roller garage doors are perfect for most short driveways since you can park your vehicle right up the door without the risk of your garage door swinging and hitting your car or anybody standing close to the door.

Sectional garage doors also hold many benefits over the up-and-over or canopy type garage doors. For instance, these doors maximise the space of your garage opening. They also give better height clearance, which is pretty convenient if you have tall and multi-purpose vehicles. These doors also come with an all-round sealing which protects against severe weather.

All garage doors differ in so many aspects; basically, they differ in the mechanism they use to open and close. Garage roller doors Melbourne has today , for example, got their name from the way a galvanised curtain and lightweight materials roll up and down a tube which is placed on top of a garage entrance. Roller doors are different in the way they are light and easy to operate and maintain.

sectional garage doors

What’s a roller door made of?

Most roller doors are typically made of galvanised sheets of plastic-coated steel or aluminium laths that are double-skinned. When you compare roller to sectional doors, for instance, the roller doors lack wide panels. However, they use a hinged design to facilitate efficient up-and-down movement.

Other parts include the tracks that run the height of both sides of the garage entrance, as well as a weatherproof rubber seal that closes the gaps between the door and spaces around the opening. Finally, there’s a tubular drum that’s attached on top of the entrance onto which a curtain is stored when the door is being used.

What are the benefits of roller garage doors?

Melbourne roller garage doors are particularly advantageous to those who have narrow and limited garage paths and also those with smaller garages that only a single vehicle can fit in. This because the roller door’s operating mechanisms don’t require ample space, both inside and outside of a garage. On top of this, roller doors are comprised of durable material, and therefore they can withstand substantial impact and not be a subject to warping and denting. These garage doors are also very popular since they’re easy to maintain when compared to their counterparts which employ counterbalance mechanisms.

Can roller garage doors be automated?

Yes, they can be automated if it’s your preference. Any manual roller door can be automated using electric door openers, like the Ecostar and Hormann Supramatic, allowing for remote operations. On a simiular note, sectional garage doors can also be automated.

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Sectionals vs. Rollers: A Comparison Between These Popular Types of Garage Doors

If you’re planning to have a new garage door installed, you will be faced with the two most common options of today— the sectional and the roller garage doors. Most people can’t distinguish between the two options and often think that they are just similar to each other.

However, this article will show you that sectional garage doors and roller garage doors are different, with each having their own strengths and weakness. So, you can better decide which type of garage door you should install.

1. The look and design

In terms of design, a roller garage door offers only one— the horizontal lines. This is mainly because of its mechanism. However, it offers a good number of colour-painted and laminate finishes to choose from.

Sectional garage doors, on the other hand, offer you numerous panel designs and almost any colour paint finish that you can imagine, along with metallic and wood grain laminate finishes.

2. How they work

Both Melbourne roller garage doors and sectional doors offer the benefit of opening without swinging outwards at all, unlike hinged garage doors. Thus, they are convenient for tight spaces. They differ, however, in their opening mechanism.

Rollers, when opened, roll back into a barrel that is mounted at the top of the door. Meanwhile, sectionals slide back, slat by slat, on to the ceiling-mounted runners in the garage.

This difference influences the amount of space needed for installation. Garage roller doors will need at least two times the headroom for its mechanism than sectionals. However, if you want the attractive option, rollers eliminate the need for runners across the ceiling.

3. Sizing choices

sectional garage doors

Both sectionals and rollers work well with the standard garage. However, if you have a double garage, then a sectional will be a better choice This is because home garage rollers have only a maximum width of 5 to 6 metres, while sectionals can go at least 8 metres wide.

4. Security

In general, garage roller doors Melbourne companies offer are secure unless they are single skinned steel in the most basic form. If installed correctly, rollers will offer high resistance to forced entries.

Meanwhile, sectionals are naturally secure, thanks to their mechanisms and design— door panels set behind the sturdy steel framework. Also, they generally have 5 to 6 rollers on each side, providing high lateral resistance.

5. Cost and maintenance

In terms of maintenance, sectionals feature cables, springs, and other mechanical components that are at risk of corrosion and rusting. You will have to replace them when wear or damage occurs, and you also need to lubricate up to 40 parts on a regular basis for it to work properly.

Meanwhile, rollers don’t require much maintenance. Plus, their springs are grease-coated in order to protect against cold temperatures and rusting.

That and their durability make rolling doors better for commercial facilities. However, for residential settings where garage doors are not frequently used, sectionals are far economical.

In general, sectionals cost less upfront, however, heavy-duty rollers can save you more in the long run, thanks to its low maintenance.

Whether you like sectional garage doors or roller garage doors, will provide you superior workmanship to suit your property.

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Why Having Roof Windows in Your Home is A Good Idea

If you’re deciding to get Velux roof windows for your home, you’ve made the right decision. Whatever reasons you may have for adding these windows to your home, you will be happy to know that these windows come with lots of benefits. The benefits range from aesthetic to monetary to health issues. To show you what these are, here is a list:

It allows plenty of natural light into your home – Velux roof windows are a great addition to any residence primarily because of the added natural light that comes into the home from it. Since these windows are built into the roof, they allow plenty of sunlight.

Natural sunlight is healthy – Exposing yourself to some sunlight is actually a good thing since it comes with lots of health benefits. Aside from triggering your body to produce vitamin D, it is also a natural disinfectant. The heat of the sun can disinfect any surface that is exposed to it. Sunlight can kill harmful bacteria and germs. A Velux flat roof skylight and other roof windows can do this.

velux roof windows

Reduces your energy bills – Since you don’t have to use indoor lighting to illuminate your home during the day, you get to save on energy bills. Aside from lighting, you also save on heating bills during the colder months. This is due to the added natural heat coming from the sunlight streaming in through these roof windows.

It adds an aesthetic quality to your home – With roof windows like flatroof skylights, and other similar installations, you get the added bonus of a unique looking window that beautifies a room. The aesthetic quality of these windows not only helps brighten up a room but also create a focal point that usually wows people who see it.

It increases your home’s overall value – Whether you are planning on selling your home or not, when you add Velux roof windows to it, the overall value of your home increases. This is because of the abovementioned benefits that such an addition gives a home.

How to Find the Right Sky Windows for Your Home 

The next thing you have to do once you’ve made the decision to install roof windows is to find the best ones for your home. Since not all types will fit your home, you need to consult with an expert to find the right ones for your requirements. There are so many to choose from that finding the perfect roof window can prove to be a challenge.

You can check out the roof windows Melbourne homes around you to get an idea as to which ones can work best with your own home. You can also contact roofing experts like Skylight Online to get professional advice on your dilemma. You can also check out their catalogue of skylights at Skylights-Online or read their FAQ to find out more about these installations. An even better solution is to have one of their consultants check out your home and give you recommendations on what you should install.

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Kitchen Renovations You Should Be Considering This 2020

This year 2020 is the start of a brand new decade, and this might be the perfect time of the year to start your kitchen renovations. It doesn’t matter whether your Melbourne kitchen renovationsis big or small, as long as it improves the look of your kitchen, it will always be worth it. And besides, your kitchen will always be the centre of your home, so you need to ensure your kitchen remains updated and fresh throughout the year.

To give you some fresh ideas about kitchen renovations, below, we are listing some that you should consider.

Give your kitchen a new backsplash

According to some renovation company Melbourne has to offer, updating your kitchen backsplash is one of the cost-effective ways to revamp your old kitchen. And after all, a kitchen backsplash is also the most abused area from hot oil splashes and spilt foods. When getting a new backsplash, they can incorporate new materials (depending on your budget and personal preference) to add new styles and colours.

Revamping you old kitchen cabinets

No matter what you do in your kitchen to make it look good, it won’t have much effect as long as your kitchen still have outdated cabinets. There are kitchen and bathroom renovations Melbourne companies that offer different types of bathroom or kitchen cabinets that could change to the overall look of your kitchen. Laminated kitchen cabinet doors, for example, will not only give your kitchen a modern look but as well prolonging the life of your kitchen cabinets.  Check MW Homes for more details.

Consider trying a new kitchen floor

While changing your kitchen floor might be expensive and time-consuming, it will make your kitchen look fancy and can significantly increase the value of your home. Timber flooring, for example, is an excellent inclusion for your Melbourne kitchen renovations this year. Aside from easier clean, it can significantly enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen. Timbers are durable and robust, so you can expect that your floor can last for a long time. Not to also mentioned that installing timber floors and increase the market value of your house.

Install a kitchen island

A kitchen island is an excellent addition to your Melbourne kitchen and bathroom renovations, no matter how small or large your kitchen is. It adds new spaces for storage, aside from bringing new seats for your family while you prepare their meals. It also serves as an extra space for some of your appliances. Moreover, you can also add some extra electrical outlets so you can efficiently operate small appliances. Also, you can use your kitchen island as your workstation. This benefits someone who used to work from home and, at the same time, needs to cook for his/her family.


Depending on your budget, you can do different styles for your Melbourne kitchen renovations. Start this year 2020 by giving your kitchen a brand new look and always remember these renovation ideas mentioned above, and for more useful tips and kitchen renovation ideas, you can visit

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Why You Need to Consider Installing Outdoor Blinds This Summer

Over the past years, outdoor blinds, such as Ziptrak blinds, are gaining popularity to help reduce unwanted indoor heat in the summer and an added protection from harmful UV rays. Moreover, blinds are also perfect for bringing better privacy at home and lighting control.

If you haven’t tried having blinds before, we have provided below enough reasons why you should consider having one for your home this summer.

Excellent protection from harmful elements

As we have mentioned earlier, installing Ziptrak blinds protects you from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It also adequately reflects the sun’s heat away from your home. But that’s not all; blinds are also excellent at protecting you and your house against dust, driving rains, strong cold winds, and even insects. With this, you are assured that you and your family will get the proper protection, while at the same time, making your home to stay cool during the hot summer season.

Protection for outdoor furniture

Both the sun and rain can do significant damage to your outdoor furniture if they are exposed outdoors. Having outdoor blinds can protect your furniture against these elements, keep them to look new, and extend their longevity.

Enhanced home privacy

Installing veranda blinds are also an excellent decision to increase your home’s privacy. It allows you to create an outdoor room where no one, not even your closest neighbour, can disturb you and your family’s bonding time. It makes your outdoor space to be much more private, comfortable, and sheltered.

Moreover, blinds can come with a variety of colours and materials that you can choose from in creating your private retreat.

Added aesthetic appeal

We have already mentioned earlier that all blinds, including bistro blinds, come in a variety of colours and styles. There are some that can suit your home’s architectural designs and decors. Installing outdoor blinds in your home is like bringing your interiors outside, thus enhancing further your outdoor aesthetic appeal.  Click here at Crystal Image Blinds.

Lessened energy consumption 

Ziptrak blinds don’t only enhance your home’s privacy and add aesthetic appeal, but they can also help you save some from your monthly energy bills. While it is common that blinds are effective in stopping the sun’s heat from entering your home, they can also be useful in retaining a warm atmosphere inside during winter. With this, you get to reduce up to 50% of energy consumption in any season of the year, especially during summer and winter.

Maximised outdoor space

If you currently have a small to medium-sized house, using outdoor blinds is one of the best ways to maximise your outdoor space. You can easily transform a space in your outdoor landscape, like your patio, into a more usable space such as a receiving area or place where you can entertain guests even during the day.


Outdoor blinds come with a lot of benefits. Not to mention that these can be easily installed and used at any time you like with minimal cleaning.

To know more about different types of blinds, visit this site,

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Why do you need new skylights when replacing your roof?

When replacing your roof, you may be asking yourself if you can still salvage your skylights. In some cases, you may still be able to use your old skylights. But in most cases, this is not advisable. In fact, any reputable and experienced skylights Melbourne professional will recommend that you replace your skylight when you replace your roof. You may not agree with this. But if you insist on using your old skylights, you may just end up regretting that decision later when you discover a leak.

skylights melbourne

Can a skylight survive a roof replacement?

Skylights Melbourne experts say that you may still be able to salvage your old Skylights. There is a slight chance they may be able to survive a roof replacement if your skylights are:

  • Non-opening
  • From a top manufacturer
  • Less than ten years old
  • Designed and built as part of a new home.
  • New wood was used in its boxing and construction

If the conditions above are met, your skylights have about 60% chance of survival during a tear-off. But, realistically, how many times have you seen this scenario? Almost never, right? Your roof will only be replaced when it starts showing structural damage, which typically doesn’t occur until after 20 years. By that time, your skylights are already past their 10th year. So the likelihood of them getting through a roof replacement undamaged is pretty low.

Reasons to replace your skylights during a roof replacement

Here are some excellent reasons skylights Melbourne professionals would like you to know why you should install new skylights when replacing your roof. See more at Skylights-Online

  • The Velux skylight pricelist for a new skylight is, of course, more expensive than reusing an old one. However, if you consider all the repair costs you’ll need to pay for when you discover a leak, then you’ll realize that a replacement is a more cost-effective solution.
  • If you insist on keeping your old skylights after replacing your entire roof, it will only get you in more trouble. The seal on your skylights can start failing just a few months after replacing your roof. And when it does, you will have to replace the whole section of shingles surrounding the skylight.
  • Your contractor may be skilled, but even the best cannot control how a roof replacement can affect your skylights. In most cases, ruffling with old skylights can cause it to leak. And when it does, that’s another problem to solve.
  • Skylights are not meant to last forever. Even high-quality flatroof skylights will need to be replaced eventually. Re-flashing your skylights instead of replacing them may also result in moisture buildup and leaks, as well as costly energy loss. It may also void the skylights’ warranty.

The most affordable and convenient time to replace your skylights is during a new roof installation. And when replacing your skylights, make sure that you get yours from a top manufacturer who is known for their commitment to quality like Velux.

Skylights-Online is an authorised reseller of Velux skylights products in Australia. They offer a wide range of Velux skylight sizes, so you will definitely find something that will fit your needs.

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5 Fast Garage Revamp A few ideas

Chaotic, black, and musty—do these words explain your storage? When they do, then do not spend your time anymore.

From modern sectional garage doors melbourne to illumination fixtures, revamp your storage with your 5 a few ideas:

Eliminate the clutter.

Your storage is not a dumpster. To make it experience more such as a room, you must make it in to one.

First, collection per day or a day for decluttering alone. Then, start categorizing all of the stuff.

Set down three boxes and then name each with DisposableRecyclable, and Helpful.

  • Disposable – Discard items that are broken beyond repair. These generally include stuff may endanger pets or children.
  • Recyclable – These are things you can not retain in the storage but nonetheless use or sell.
  • Helpful – Hold these resources or things you can still use within the garage.

Recall, you must only keep these stuff with certain applications for the garage.

sectional garage doors melbourne

Change your storage doors.

While repair is an alternative, you might want to replace them in order to avoid more potential repair fees.

This time around, make sure you replace them with high-quality, space-saving roller storage opportunities.

You can get first-rate roller storage opportunities nowadays for a reasonable price. These opportunities offered available in the market nowadays have bottom temperature seals.

Meanwhile, if you want a personalised home, you can pay for custom storage opportunities.With this method, you can add:

  • Extra chosen security process or resources
  • A variety of resources like Timber, Galvapanel, or Aluminium
  • Any shade or form

Install drawers and cabinets.

For greater organisation, you can deploy several wall cupboards and drawers. It will definitely shock you how that makes a huge difference.

Employ a contractor to possibly deploy pre-fabricated storage spaces. You can also request a customisation to add your personal touch.

You must determine storage spaces for the garage’s things, even the tiny tools.

Also, your storage spaces’colours must certanly be similar to the flooring for a cleaner look.

Spend money on proper lighting.

As said above, your storage has to be a room. And an essential staple to an area is great lighting. You wouldn’t wish to perform in a black storage and get concussions, proper?

That you don’t need to add windows, by the way; you need the correct illumination fixture. Here are some advised illumination fixtures:

  • Hyperikon LED Large Bay Light Fixture – A high-performing and light fixture with action sensors.
  • Striker TRiLIGHT Motion Activated Limit Light – An easy-to-install bulb that’s also suitable for basements.
  • PrimeLights T8 LED HighBay – A durable, energy-efficient illumination fixture.

Upgrade the flooring.

There are certainly a number of feasible choices for new storage flooring. Yet your choice depends on your requirements and budget. You are able to spend money on possibly of the following:

  • Multi-coat resinous process – A flooring manufactured from pure stable epoxy, memory, and polyaspartic coatings. This is fantastic for high-traffic parts because of its heavy-duty capacity.
  • Porcelain – For attributes positioned in great parts, you can deploy that flooring. It’s extremely hard and resists a range of harsh substances.
  • Interlocking storage floor tiles – An aesthetically desirable but simple to set up flooring. This is perfect for garages situated in damp or moist areas.

Ultimate notes

Now, if you’re buying a great storage home efficiency, get one from Eco Garage Gates gives modern storage opportunities to professional and industrial attributes as well.

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Bathroom: The sacred place in your house

A bathroom is a place where people do their personal business. It is a part of a house where people get more intimate with themselves. Therefore, it is a sacred place for anyone who enters its doors. It is just right to give it more attention by selecting the appropriate bathroom makeovers it deserves.

Bathroom necessities

Aside from keeping it clean and hygienic, bathrooms must be designed to suit the homeowner’s personality. After all, they are the ones who are going to use it the most. The idea is that it must give comfort and peace of mind whenever someone takes their sacred pilgrimage to the bathroom.

bathroom makeovers

Clearly, bathroom design and layout must be put in priority list when someone is buying a house, remodelling or moving into a new one. People tend to put living rooms, bedrooms or kitchen area first. Now, there are companies that specialize in giving modern and elegant bathroom makeovers.

Innovative designs and layouts for full bathroom renovations Melbourne citizens can choose from are plenty but one company stands out among the rest: MW Homes. This company is family owned; therefore, you can be sure every detail is well-thought-of.

What everyone can expect from MW Homes

MW Homes are bona fide renovation experts. They offer other services such as complete home makeovers, kitchen makeovers or laundry renovations. The company has been styling homes for about thirty years, which is a feat in itself, especially in the ultra-competitive industry of house renovations.

Many can claim they are experts in home remodelling but MW Homes can back it up by the awards they received from their years of hard work. They are consistently given recognition by the Word-of-Mouth from 2016 to 2019 for Service Award. Reviewers of their designs are also giving 5-star ratings online, further cementing their place among the industry’s bests.

Why it’s best to consult experts

A common misconception is that bathroom makeovers or home renovations are pricey but the truth is, sometimes it is a more practical choice than DIY. For one, they have more experience and knowledge; therefore, they can dish out ideas or customize styles according to your preferences.

With MW Homes, you can collaborate with no hesitations. You can totally be honest with them as they keep open communication with their clients. You will not be dealing with multiple contractors, which makes it easier and more convenient in terms of project planning.

Moreover, they are also licensed by Registered Building Practitioners so you can sleep well at night knowing you have a professional partner in making your makeover dreams a success.

The best bathroom renovation ideas come from those who can pull it off. If ideas don’t translate to real things, it is just a waste of concept. Trust the guys who can actually pull it off and have the evidence and testimonials to prove it.

If you are looking for bathroom renovations Eastern Suburbs area is raving about, please visit You may leave them a message or call at 1300 271 429.